Our workshop is on Skyros, an island in the middle of Aegean sea.

And although the island is situated a bit far from a major city, we get a lot of knowledgeable visitors that appreciate an authentic workshop, with a traditional way of producing furniture, as well as the beauty of the island.

During the summer we also have a coffee shop with a beautiful view of the Aegean, where you can have a drink during your visit to our workshop.

We can almost always be found at our workshop, and if you would like to come for a visit so we can discuss your projects and take a tour of our workshop, please call or write to us ahead of time for an appointment.

Of course, you can also order from our website, and we will deliver your chosen furniture anywhere in the world.


Skyrian furniture is well-known for the unique hand-crafted technique used in its design. There are therefore a limited number of pieces made every year, and these are only available at our workshop or through our website.