personal note

I don’t know anybody who would like to build a house to live in it for just a few years.

Most people when buying furniture feel that they will use for many years, but more often it's just not so.

My passion is not just to build furniture. That is easily done!

I want to revive old plans and techniques in my own perspective and experience, after so many years of my "thesis" on handmade furniture.

When I was very young, I was fortunate to learn how to repair furniture from old craftsmen, which has often given me solutions to construction issues.

I enjoy discovering manufacturing problems to resolve!

Artifacts and furniture with traditional techniques is, for me, a form of resistance against industrial civilization, the mass production of products that are invading our homes, our lives.

Handmade things, carrying the human need to acquire an object that can be passed to the next generation, links the present to the future. This furniture transports history and symbolism, like an old manuscript or a picture from the past.

When it comes to making furniture, I take the wood in my hands dozens of times throughout the process. There is an intense relationship with this unique material. I've learned to respect it, watch its movements, and treat it with the respect it deserves.

This entirely demanding but pleasant adventure results in a unique piece, that has a commanding presence in the space where it is located, combining and conversing with classic and modern spaces, but especially to create a space with your own personality.

Special features

In solid wood, small irregularities are to be expected. The furniture’s wood comes from Greek forests with strict selection for the renewal of the forest, from the region of Mount Olympus, such as the Pieria Mountains and Vermio and is cut at the right time and treated with today’s modern techniques.

Packaging (included in the price)

A piece of furniture needs a lot of care during transportation to arrive at its destination without any harm. For this reason, the packaging of your furniture is very important issue. We use appropriate packing materials to ensure a safe trip.

Approximate weight of furniture

CHAIR – A: 4 kg. B: 3.5 kg. Γ: 2 kg. SIDE TABLE: 7 kg. ROUND TABLE: 14 kg. COFFEE TABLE: 18 kg. CHEST: 25 kg. PLATE RACK: 2 kg. SHELF: 3.5kg. ETAGERE: 1.3 kg.

Packing and shipping costs are included in the price.